Sunday, December 22, 2013

Quick fix 0.11.741 - December 22nd 2013

- Optimized help screen loading times

Christmas Update 0.11.740 - 22nd December 2013

- Add low detail setting mode to allow slower PCs to run the game smoother 
- Shaderless mode enable button inverted
- Torchlight not working in shaderless mode
- Illegal image reference in town maps in shaderless mode
- Dungeon lighting broken in shaderless mode
- Countryside monsters cause game crash in shaderless mode
- Various shaderless bugs
- Can't enter mines in shaderless mode
- Light spell not working in shaderless mode
- Strange flickering in towns
- Traps aren't visible enough in shaderless mode
- Windmill textures are incorrect in shaderless mode
- Countryside 'corpse' loot containers have destroy corpse button which doesn't work
- Loading screens should show Beta message
- Greenlight icon no longer needs to be on main menu
- Disarmed magical traps are incorrectly textured
- Pre-load skybox images in shaderless mode to avoid small loading pause
- Incorrect rendering of alpha mapped textures on cities in shaderless mode
- Storms disabled in shaderless mode
- New console command SHOWALL to help diagnose missing wall segment bug
- Updated help screen to explain that you can hit escape
- Fixed sky update code within towns when using shaderless mode
- Optimized skybox art refresh rate for instantaneous skybox updates

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Update 0.10.700 - 31st October 2013

- Spell effect indicators can rarely cause missing image crashes
- Some monster corpses don't get removed! 
- Make Aviaries functional  (quick travel)
- Crash on gryphon travel map borders
- Traveling to a town via a gryphon will sometimes place you inside of the town's walls
- Travel drops should be restricted on gryphon travel to prevent dropping off the edge of a world segment
- Implement town portal and chaos portal functionality
- Portal location variables not resetting when starting a new game
- Map is horizontally flipped on gryphon travel map
- Crash when casting spells at monsters
- Crash when looting chests
- Monsters can't walk through mega chests
- Time of day is always noon when portalling to a town
- Player is placed incorrectly in countryside when leaving town after portalling
- Add town portal relics to towns
- Portal icons don't show correctly on dungeon map
- Portals operate via clicking now, rather than via the console
- Complete town portal system
- Increase frequency of portals in dungeons
- Mega chests shouldn't have massive multiples of similar items
- Immediage map is horizontally mirrored
- Biome map is horizontally mirrored
- World map is horizontally mirrored
- Minimap flipped correctly (though still not quite right...)
- Testers should be able to turn clipping off in the countryside
- Tower graphic on minimap appears incorrectly
- When flying a gryphon to a city, the player can get trapped inside of the city
- Selection cursor square is offset on gryphon travel map in widescreen mode
- Escape key should be able to be used to elevate magnification levels and eventually leave gryphon map
- Using a gryphon to fly to a town causes the game to lock up
- Clicking cancel on gryphon map when trying to travel results in stray clicks
- When quick-travelling to town, game can crash with out of bounds error
- Gryphon map scroll button hit areas are misaligned in widescreen mode
- Can scroll past edges of gryphon map while zoomed
- Moving mouse along edge of gryphon map can cause a crash
- Messages need to show when you can't use a gryphon option

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Quick fix 0.09.656 - September 8th 2013

- Aviaries should be disabled until they are working properly
- Missed bow shots can crash the game

Major Update 0.09.655 - 7th September 2013

- Al-Aeks shouldn't let you run off without talking to him. Too many new players are ignoring him and then getting confused.
- New memory allocation optimization system
- Fixes to memory allocation optimization system
- Blacksmiths should not buy food
- Magic shops should not buy food
- General store shows a hover price for rejuvenation potions when it shouldn't
- Only allow one of each name on Permadeath Leaderboard
- Severe crash missing object error in towns
- Permadeath Leaderboard should show which characters are alive and which are dead
- NPCs using the wrong voices sometimes?
- Strange ghost sprites appearing and not going away in the top-left corner while in dungeons?
- Eating food can put you over max health
- Testers shouldn't have to talk to Al-aeks when starting a new game
- Allow haggling at temples
- Allow haggling at guard towers
- Chests mysteriously 'locking', leaving them unable to be opened
- Occasional crash during combat after new container code
- Volume of ambient music boosts after leaving guard towers
- Can't sell arrows at blacksmith
- Add "end of dungeon" mega-chests  
- Low level players should naturally find more gold
- Riskier fights should generate better equipment as loot
- Complete end-of-level chest functionality
- Potential fatal crash when looting
- Potential zero object reference crash
- Optimize loot found in end-of-level chests
- Make smaller potions cheaper
- Remove over-powered XPboost enchantment (it wrecks the game!)
- No "I can't" sound in magic shops when not enough gold
- Giant bug fix with the whole demo mode thing 
- Ankh segments cannot be removed from chests
- Ankh segments have no descriptive text in chests and mega-chests
- Closing mega-chests upsets the player's UI
- Potential crash when selecting monsters
- Potential crash when opening mega-chests
- Some monsters have no loot when you kill them!
- Al-aeks should give you slightly better weapons and armour
- Player leaderboard exploit found
- Crash happening when looting a corpse with a monster adjacent

Monday, July 8, 2013

Quick fix 0.08.610 - July 8th 2013

- Potions aren't sorting correctly
- Aviaries can be entered (but no functionality yet)
- Hide trap objects until they are set off (in preparation for high ceilings in tombs)
- Fighters guild item sale bugs
- Crashes upon entering towns
- Wrong portrait shown when buying items at the fighters guild
- Can't buy anything other than arrows at the fighters guild
- Guild training can put you into negative gold
- Ambient sounds in guild training too loud to hear voicework
- Misc aviary preparatory work (they don't work yet, but they will soon!)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Quick fix 0.08.603 - July 1st 2013

- Fighters guild doesn't train STR
- Rejuvenation potions don't stack